I'm sad to say, Tom Jordan will be leaving his position as Executive Director of First 5 Lake at the end of July.  He has been a guiding light for this community for many years and hopefully for many more to come.  (Retirement party details coming soon)


Vision Statement

All Lake County children will grow up in safe, supportive and healthy environments,
and enter school healthy and ready to learn.



Brock Falkenberg, Chair                                       Superintendent of Schools

Kathy Maes Interim Director-Department of Social Services

Jim Brown, Director
Department of Public Health

Jeff Smith
Supervisor-District 2

Ana Santana
Healthy Start-Highlands Campus

Susan Jen, Director                                                            Health Leadership Network

Pam Klier, Co-Chair  Kindergarten Teacher
Lakeport Elementary School

Laurie Daly, Ed.D.                                                     Professor of Early Childhood Education - Yuba College




 Mission Statement

First 5 Lake will inspire and promote healthy, safe, happy, and family-centered experiences for children 0-5 through partnerships with local families and service providers.



Tom Jordan, Executive Director, tjfirstfivelake@sbcglobal.net

Vicki Hays, Secretary, firstfivelake@sbcglobal.net

Contact Info: 

1950 Parallel Drive
Lakeport, CA  95453

707.263.6171 fax